"Sujiguma" Kataoka Ainosuke 3D Ceramic Mask

“Kataoka Ainosuke Sujiguma 3D (High-definition 3D scanning version) is one of the ceramic “Kumadori” mask products as a new challenge of NIKKO COMPANY. It is a Fine Bone China mask which reproduces the real shape of his face by 3D scanning him and is finished by hand paint one by one. Impressive and innovative art piece with a combination of 3D technology and traditional craftsmanship.

The mask comes with a box made of paulownia wood

Material: Fine Bone China
Item #: 3330-G7100
Product Size: (L) 210 × (W) 148 × (H) 72mm
Product Size (framed): (L) 400 × (W) 300mm
Box Size: (L) 447 × (W) 391 × (H) 140mm
Note: Limited Edition Collectibles - Only 10 pieces numbered available worldwide

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