White Material

Genealogy of White Material

For product quality and safety, all material are carefully selected by experts.

Fine Bone China

Bone China modeled after white Porcelain of the Orient, was first created in England some 200 years ago by the new ceramic technique of firing clay mixed with bone ash. NIKKO has succeeded in creating the highest-quality Bone China, with 50% bone ash content. With its pure white color and superb translucency, NIKKO Fine Bone China is said to be the whitest Bone China in the worldwide market and it has a reputation of unparalleled durability and chip-resistance.


NIKKO produces several patterns in Porcelain, a material which works very well with today’s domestic and institutional demands. There are both formal patterns with platinum banding and more casual designs without. Porcelain patterns offer high durability.


NIKKO has more than 100 years' experience in manufacturing fine Ironstone. In contrast to the cool white of ordinary Porcelain, the color of fine Ironstone is warm milky white. Ironstone is more heat-insulating and more resistant to physical shock than conventional Porcelain ware. The underglazed decorations look perpetually fresh and will never fade or wear off.